How An "Over The Hill" 46 Year Old Woman Who Was Aging Too Fast Found The Key To Turning Back The Hands of Time And Looking Younger Than Ever (And How You Can Too!)

Just a while back, several months ago I happened to overhear my wife and her longtime friend Mary talking in our kitchen.

No, I don't make a habit of eavesdropping, but I do work from home and Mary was particularly distraught.

She told my wife - I couldn't believe it. There we were sitting out at a restaurant for the first time in a long time, just me and my mom.

When the waiter came over to take our drink order he said… "you guys look a lot alike, are you sisters?"

SISTERS! Mary groaned. I mean I love my mother more than anyone in the world, but I just couldn't believe he thought we were sisters.

I'm only 46! I went home and locked myself in the bathroom... and took turns staring in the mirror with horror and sitting on the toilet lid crying.

I could see what the waiter was talking about. My fine lines were getting deeper, especially around my mouth and eyes – my hair was thinning and my nails were breaking more often.

I was horrified.

My husband kept knocking on the door trying to check on me and console me – he had no idea what was going on.

When I finally came out I asked him how he felt being married to an "old hag" and broke down in tears again. He finally pulled the whole story out of me.

From that point on I was on a mission to find a way to get rid of all these signs of aging and get back to my youthful look.

I tried every lotion, every cream, every facial scrub that promised to exfoliate and give me a youthful glow.

I tried every "anti-aging" supplement under the sun and… nothing worked.

I've been at my wits end for months just trying to find a real solution with real results.

Mary stopped talking and with great hesitation I tiptoed into the kitchen avoiding eye contact – I grabbed a drink out of the freezer and made a hasty exit.

Later that night my wife shared the story with me and I came clean and told her I had heard a part of it.

Then she asked me… what if that happened to me?

I gave her a big hug and said "Don't worry honey, I'll find a solution, not just for you but for Mary too."

As a Registered Dietitian I had an idea of what might be going on with Mary, but I knew I needed to take a deep dive into the effects of aging...

What really makes them happen and how to reverse or even eliminate them.

Human aging is a complex and sometimes confounding thing.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason that some men and women age so gracefully (you know the ones I'm talking about)...

And some people start to look visibly old even in their mid 40's.

I finally knew what I had to do – create something that filled in this aging void with:

NO Ineffective Lotions
NO Risky Botox
NO Painful Facelifts

I finally found exactly what I was looking for and it surprised even me.

I wondered…

Why Don't More People Know About
This Amazing Compound and How It Works In The Human Body?

I started with a single premise in mind.

Beauty is NOT skin deep.

If you're seeing more lines and wrinkles staring back at you from the mirror there are far more things going on inside your body than outside.

Your joints get stiffer and more sore.

Your bone density can drop leading to osteoarthritis...

And even your digestive system can start to break down, leading to poorer nutrition and even leaky gut syndrome, which can have long lasting effects throughout your body.

I spent a lot of time looking for a vitamin, a missing mineral… but it wasn't any of those things.

I was looking in the wrong place the entire time.

I realized that it was staring me in the face the entire time but I didn't understand just how important it was.

There's a crucial protein that's responsible for almost every single one of these symptoms of aging.

It helps maintain strong healthy bones, radiant skin, long lustrous hair, beautiful nails – it helps keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay and your joints and ligaments flexible and pliable.

I knew I had discovered the key to aging gracefully.

What is this crucial protein that has these amazing properties?

It's collagen.

What Makes Collagen SO Vitally Important To Our Bodies As We Age?

I'll get to that in just a second, but first I want you to know that if you're suffering from the signs of aging inside and out like these:

And more... then keep reading.

My name is Jayson Hunter.

I've been a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years.

As a nationally known diet and nutrition expert, I've appeared on ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS.

I specialize in nutritional health issues for men and women alike.

I'm about to share with you the one thing you absolutely have to be doing to ensure you age as gracefully as you deserve to.

I'm sure you've probably heard of collagen...

I knew about collagen as a dietician, but I had no idea just how important it truly was to the human body, especially when it comes to aging.

Here's the thing...

A lot of people think of collagen as a single thing – a single substance, but the truth is there are over 20 different collagen proteins in the human body.

These collagen proteins are literally "the glue" that holds us together.

In the human body collagen is responsible for an amazing array of health benefits.

But there's a huge problem with collagen.

Our bodies (especially women's bodies) actually start decreasing collagen production in our mid-twenties – at a rate of 2 to 4% every single year.

That means you could be producing FAR less collagen in even your forties and that leads to rapid onset aging!

You Don't Want To Look Like An Old Leather Handbag… Right?

Think about an old leather chair or handbag...

If you let it sit there and lose all of its lubrication and moisture it will begin to quickly age, crack and become worn.

When your collagen production drops over time your skin loses elasticity and flexibility.

It loses the ability to keep moisture under the outer layer of your dermis, just like that leather handbag.

This leads to those visible signs of aging we all want to keep away.

But INTERNALLY lack of collagen can lead to other and potentially bigger issues.

Liver and other organ function can be decreased, muscle strength and flexibility can be reduced, and your joints and ligaments can become stiff and immobile.

Not only that, collagen actually helps your bone density – lack of collagen plays a big part in osteoarthritis, knee problems and hip problems too.

And it's not just the fact that our bodies start to decrease production more and more over time – there are other factors that can cause less collagen in your body like diet and nutrition.

So as I looked for a solution for our friend Mary I started realizing very quickly that many if not ALL of the most popular and brand name collagen supplements just weren't that good.

Most of them don't even contain the right collagen peptides in the right quantity to actually be effective at all (more on that in just a minute)...

A lot of them have added fillers, preservatives and additives that are designed to help "aid collagen absorption" in the body – and that's because with poor quality collagen sources it's much harder for your body to digest and use for your health.

I searched Amazon, Google and everywhere in between but I simply couldn't find a single supplement with the highest quality collagen peptides IN the right quantity AND the right synergistic mix of other ingredients.

So I knew I would have to take matters into my own hands once again and come up with a real, powerful collagen supplement of my own.

One of my most important requirements was that any collagen supplement I was going to create absolutely had to have the very best quality collagen peptides and ALL 3 of the main collagen proteins that your body needs most to combat aging from the inside out.

Here's how they break down:

Type 1 Collagen

This is the most prevalent type of collagen in your entire body and it's responsible for a host of different health benefits.

It's the basis of your skin and nails, hair, blood vessels, and connective tissue all the way down to the cornea of your eyes.

It's incredibly important and it's also the first type of collagen that starts to decrease as you age.

Type 2 Collagen

How many of your friends or family have had to have a hip replacement or knee replacement?

What about aching stiff joints and bones?

That's where Type 2 collagen comes into play.

It's almost singularly responsible for keeping your cartilage flexible, your joints lubricated and your bones protected from things like osteoarthritis and other problems.

Type 3 Collagen

In all of my research I found that this one was most often omitted or just looked over altogether in other collagen supplements, but it's a huge part of the puzzle in your aging.

You see, Type 3 collagen is found primarily in your skin (the largest organ system in your body), your organs, and even your digestive system.

It plays a huge role in keeping your digestive lining supple, your skin radiant and your organs resilient.

There's no way I would create a collagen supplement that didn't have ALL 3 of these vital collagen proteins.

One other thing I found in my research is this...

Generally speaking, collagen molecules are large and because of that, pretty hard for your body to absorb in their raw state.

The key to getting the MOST collagen absorption into your body is something I've already referred to: "collagen peptides"...

These are the smallest possible form of pure collagen and are much more rapidly digested in your body so they can go straight to work giving you the true benefits of collagen supplementation.

Now, I could have stopped right there, but I wanted more than just a "really good" collagen supplement, I wanted a SUPERIOR supplement...

I found that there are certain compounds that actually work synergistically with collagen peptides and truly AMP UP the benefits – one of those compounds is called Hyaluronic acid.

This is where things get really interesting.

Hyaluronic acid is found in almost every single cell in the human body.

That's right, almost every cell in your body has this compound – and it's quite a powerhouse.

It actually helps retain moisture, keep your joints, tendons and ligaments stronger and more flexible and keeps your skin healthy too, oh and one more important little note here…

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are literally "best friends"  - HA actually helps your body produce and retain MORE collagen and boosts the effects of collagen supplementation in your body!

Now you might remember earlier that I said the majority of garden variety collagen supplements that are lining your grocery or pharmacy shelves use poor quality collagen and the wrong form that isn't easily digested by your body.

So, I looked high and low and finally found some of the very best collagen peptides on the planet.

They come directly from completely grass fed bovine sources – no grains or glutens anywhere in sight.

I also added in Hyaluronic acid sourced from some of the happiest free range poultry and wild caught marine sources I could find.

There's one final thing I knew that would put this formula over the top and make me proud to unleash it on the world.

It's something at once common and well known, but in combination with these other ingredients truly push this supplement over the top.

It's Vitamin C.

Here's the thing about Vitamin C – not only does it have natural and powerful anti inflammation properties, it also happens to be one of the most important supporters in your body of your collagen matrix.

It helps maintain collagen production and even helps your body retain and use collagen more efficiently.

It was the final piece of the puzzle I was looking for.


JayLab Pro

Complete Collagen Complex!

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Just one scoop a day will give your body the top quality collagen you need to start feeling and SEEING the benefits that come when you take it every single day.

Not only that – many if not most of the collagen supplements on the market come with a ton of added sugar, additives and flavorings making them (most literally) hard to swallow.

Not JayLab Pro Collagen Complex – this powerful new supplement is 100% taste and odor free – it comes as a powder that you can add to just about ANYTHING you want...

Juice, coffee, tea, water – or even in soups, stews and other foods for an added boost!

Why Choose JayLab Pro
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It's simple.

We've spent the time to source the very best ingredients that work synergistically not only inside the formula, but inside your body to give you the most effective types of collagen in the exact quantity your body needs for optimal absorption.

We've added the very best additional ingredients in the form of Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, proven to increase your body's ability to not just utilize the collagen in our supplement but also to help increase your body's own collagen production.

Not only that, both Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C have their own benefits in the form of anti-inflammatory and skin firming abilities that set JayLab Pro's Collagen Complex far apart from the crowd.

And while most collagen supplements add in synthetic vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid ours is 100% natural and derived from the Acerola Cherry, one of the best sources of natural vitamin C on the planet.

We've also gone to the trouble to have our collagen supplement to make sure Collagen Complex is sourced from 100% NON-GMO ingredients, the best grass fed collagen possible and it's even certified gluten free, with ZERO artificial sweeteners or colors.


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My knees feel great and I am back to running which I've missed. Thanks Jayson Hunter for this fab product. It's a WIN WIN in my opinion and have recommended JayLab Pro collagen powder to my friends."

Suanne Rieker
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One last thing.

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Just Imagine...

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You pass the mirror and notice fewer lines and wrinkles and your skin has a youthful glow you haven't seen in years or even decades…

Your digestion is better, less stomach pain, less gas and even potential weight loss as your body is able to process the food you eat more effectively and give your body the nutrition it needs for long term health.

Less brain fog and more clarity as Collagen Complex gives your brain the collagen it needs to keep you focused.

And much more.

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P.S. What about Mary? I'm happy to report that Mary has been taking our new Collagen Complex for several months (before we released to the public) and she's already seeing results… in fact she was out with HER daughter and someone mentioned that THEY could be sisters!

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