> Contains Types I, II, and III Collagen peptides

 Mixes easily into hot or cold beverages—perfect for smoothies, tea, or coffee

> No odor or aftertaste

> Contains 6.6g of collagen per serving

> Certified Gluten Free




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Four Ingredients. One ultimate formula.
JayLab Pro Collagen Complex was created to further improve ones health. Now see what Collagen Complex can do for you.
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What Are The Main Benefits Of JayLab Pro Collagen Complex?

Type I Collagen:

The most common type of collagen—and the most abundant in our bodies.  It’s used to form our skin, hair, bones, tendons, corneas, blood vessels, and other connective tissue.  It’s one of the first types to decrease as we age. 

Type II Collagen:

The most abundant type of collagen found in your cartilage. It supports healthy bones—and helps keep your joints soft and cushiony. 

Type III Collagen:

Found in your organs and skin—it helps keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.  
These three collagen classes make up 80% of the total collagen in your body.

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How It Works:


It is the most abundant protein in your body, and acts as the glue that holds your body together.

Just like glue, healthy collagen makes it easier to have healthy skin, hair, and nails…

Stronger bones and muscles…

And softer, more flexible joints.

Now is the time for you to take action, optimize your youth and health once and for all with JayLab Pro Collagen Complex – I cant wait for you to see the amazing things in can do for your appearance and your overall health.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee Badge

Your investment today also comes with a 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.

It works like this...

When it comes to the relatively new area of Collagen... 

You’re smart to be skeptical... 

I get it.

It’s completely understandable.

So if you’re still on the fence, let us put your fears to rest...

Your investment today also comes with a 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.

That’s plenty of time to test out JayLab Pro Collagen Complex and experience just how amazing it tastes and what it can do for your health…

If you’re not completely thrilled with the results, we’ll promptly refund your entire investment.

It works like this:

Even though people love this product and you’ll probably love it too, if you don’t for any reason, just call or email our award-winning customer service team.

You’ll get a full refund with zero questions asked.

We won’t make you jump through any hoops. We want you to be completely happy with your decision... no matter what.

So you’ve got nothing to risk and everything to gain…including better brain health and thinking.

All the risk is on us... as it should be.

“Yes. I want to promote healthy skin and healthy joints!”
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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